IGI 6006 paraffin wax mix candle making

IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Blend Wax

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IGI 6006 is designed to be a single pour container wax when used under favorable conditions. This wax provides the combined benefits of paraffin and soy wax into a single blend. The approximate ratio is 70% paraffin and 30% soy.

Wax Type Paraffin/Soy Blend
Pour temp 170°F (+/- 5°)
Melt Point 133°F
Max Fragrance 10% or 1.6oz./lb.


Advantages of using IGI 6006:

  • Good adhesion to jars under optimal conditions (some containers may require heating prior to pouring the wax)
  • High fragrance load - 8% to 10% fragrance loads are possible
  • Smooth and creamy look
  • Achieve vibrant and dark colors
  • Excellent hot and cold throws
  • Pre-blended; no additives required

Basic Guidelines:

  • Melt point: 133°
  • Heat wax to 185° - 195°
  • Add dye if desired and mix thoroughly
  • Add candle fragrance if desired and mix thoroughly
  • Pouring temperatures should typically be around 160° to 180°, though experimentation is recommended to determine optimal pouring temperature
  • Allow candles to cool as slow as possible to achieve good jar adhesion and create a smooth finish
  • Wait at least 24 hours before burning
  • Wick testing is recommended to achieve optimal burning characteristics and will vary with different combinations of wax, fragrance, dye, and container size

* The weight on slabbed wax can vary slightly

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